State of Art are an amazing tattoo studio in Swansea.

Check them out.

I know some of the guys who work there. One of them is a little blonde bitch :P

Believe it or not, the most painful part of having this done was through shaving of my arse.

Believe it or not, the most painful part of having this done was through shaving of my arse.

Lou Safire Presents…

Turns out I’m going to Ipswich next weekend for a fantastic charity gala raising money and awareness for the charity S.O.P.H.I.E.

It is hosted by this fantastic man, Lou Safire, a side show and boylesque performer.

There will be awesome bands, burlesque, boylesque, and other performers.

The facebook event link is here.

If anyone can get there on Saturday (a week tomorrow) then please do!

Tickets in advance from 

And come and say hi to me! Send me a message if you live in/around Ipswich.


And as I’m feeling generous, here’s the full view of my tattoo which you all saw cleverly cropped up the other day….Done in a neon fashion. Ask me nicely I MAY post the full whack original view.

And this is him being a tease. I do love the image though.



ladies and gentlemen, I have a new design up for scoring on

if this shirt gets enough votes and is selected for printing I will select a voter at random and they will receive a free shirt!!

all you have to do is take a second to join

score the design a 5 and leave a comment on the voting page saying how much you want the shirt!!

then just send me a message on tumblr with your threadless user name to be in with a chance of winning one of these shirts!

….plus reblogging this post adds extra chances for you!!

any assistance in this shirt being printed is greatly appreciated and will result in you receiving all my best love!!


I never do this, but go and vote! This guy is an amazing artist - just look at the tee!

The teeshirt with the most votes gets printed!

And I’d really love one of these bad boys.




I may not be muscular, heavily tattooed or hung like a porn star. But I’m kinda happy like this.

Just look at this pretty man.

Aiden Porn. I was talking to him about this earlier. He likes showing off.

I really want Nasty Pig man panties.

(Source: frazerross)


    So I had to take a few more shots for my final photography project. I’ve been doing portraits, and I decided that I’d like to take some self-portrait shots. Rather than do a super glamorous and glamorously plain shoot, I decided to do myself up in a couple of different ways. You’ll see here a picture before the transformations began, a nerd persona, and a BA persona. It was a lot of fun to dress up in such an in-depth way. I hope the shots turn out well when I develop tomorrow! 


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